St. Genevieve High School football alumni, past coaches, and friends of the program
This association was founded in order to preserve the pride and tradition that is St Genevieve football.  It belongs to EVERYBODY who ever "suited up" for the "good old silver and blue" and either wishes to reflect on some of their glory days, learn what is going on with this year's team, or offer some assistance to help revitalize some of the lost luster, and recapture the glory and pride that is St. Genevieve High School's tradition, and continues to be its legacy.

An immeasurable amount of commitment has been devoted to the task of obtaining copies of newspaper articles from the Valley Green Sheets, Daily News and Los Angeles Times, and more work is needed to complete this ongoing task.  We have taken it upon ourselves to begin the financing of the 16 mm film transfer of nearly 60 games, but we'll need help offsetting this expense.  A number of past players and coaches have been located, but many remain missing, to date.

It is our hope that you, the St. Genevieve High School football alum, will appreciate this effort.  Any help you can offer in contributing to our growing collection of material and knowledge would be greatly appreciated.  Any donation of time, resources, or equipment would obviously be of great benefit.

Legacy, tradition and records are nothing unless they are celebrated.  With the support of the stakeholders who made St Genevieve High School as rich in tradition as it is, we can ensure that the tradition and legacy is fostered, enriched, grows and lives on with the new generation of VALIANTS.
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St. Genevieve is a team to watch
With 16 returning starters from a team that went 7-4 last season, Panorama City St. Genevieve could be ready to make a title run in the Northeast Division this fall.

The Valiants' coach is 25-year-old Tim Kenney, a former Notre Dame football player. Adding to the program, former head coach Eric Harris is returning as an assistant coach.

St. Genevieve should have an outstanding offensive line. Three of the players are team captains, led by all-league center Moosa McClean, who will be a four-year starter.

Also back is all-league quarterback Mark Chin.

-- Eric Sondheimer
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1970 Panoramic View Birmingham Stadium
1970 FB game on SGHS field w/ coaching staff.
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